To Flip or Not To Flip?

After a year as a Curriculum Coach, I have decided to return to the classroom. I miss the students. I miss the feeling of accomplishment. I miss creating lesson plans and developing activities. I just miss teaching! The thing is, however, I am not only returning to the classroom in a new district but a new state!!! Because of this, I am not totally sure if I will flip my classroom next year.

I first flipped my classroom during the 2012-2013 classroom and there were several benefits as well as several things I was looking forward to changing before I took my current position. My biggest concern is that I am not familiar with the school and am unsure as to what means of technology or buy-in I will have. I also don’t know if all teachers in the department are required to follow the same (exact) lesson plan. I am concerned that the parents and administration may not be opened to this methodology.

I have visited a school in the district in which the principal is trying to provide his entire staff with professional development on flipped classroom (would be an easier decision if I was at the school); so, I know that the district staff would be on board. However, I have to make sure that I am following the expectations of my immediate supervisor.

So…here I am contemplating…thinking…pondering…debating…do I flip my classroom next year? Maybe I will just take a year to get my feet wet and then proceed to go out on a limb…decisions, decisions. I guess I could just spend the first semester with a traditional classroom (easing in aspects of the flipped classroom) and flip during the second semester (new classes, new students, new beginning). Hopefully I can decide soon because I have lessons to plan…