The Home Stretch

I am nearing the end of my my first year flipping and I am contemplating on changes I want to make during the upcoming year. I know the first thing I will do this summer will be to record my lessons with me in the video (following the FIZZ model from NC State). I currently use voice-over PowerPoint presentations that I have used for years. This has worked for the most part. However, I want to include more examples to give the students more opportunities to hear pronunciations since I am no longer giving direct instruction.

Another change I anticipate is the organization of the unit activities. I am not completely sure how I want to do this…I don’t even have any ideas on how I want to present the activities. I do know that there were parts that were not as effective as I would have liked for them to be. I will closely look at this aspect as well as restructuring the pacing/curriculum guide.

Each semester presents a new learning opportunity for me and I will continue to capitalize throughout the year. Nothing is ever etched in stone!!! I am a firm believer that if it isn’t working, I need re-evaluate and change what needs to be changed. Hopefully, next year will be more productive and students will be more engaged.