Flipping the Classroom & FAQ

flipped-classroom1When I tell people that I am implementing the flipped classroom model, the first thing most of them want to know is how much prep time is involved. Initially, there is A LOT of prep time involved. You have to create and/or search for videos for the content you want to present to the students. This is more difficult when you are trying to flip more than one class at the same time. The number of units/concepts you have will dictate how many videos you have to create from the onset. You also have to determine what other activities you want to integrate. If you are using PBL (Project Based Learning) in conjunction with the flipped model, you have to establish guidelines and create rubrics while creating your videos. For many, this process is extremely overwhelming.

My suggestion, for teachers who teach more than one subject area, is to try flipping just one unit and see how it works. Really take the time to reflect after the unit so that all subsequent units are more effective. My downfall has been flipping four classes at the same time and having these classes during the same class period! I had to have 4 units prepared at the same time for each class! This became overwhelming and my upper level classes were not as prepared or engaging as my level 1 class. As a result, flipping has not been as effective for those classes. For Spanish 2-4, it was almost counterproductive! Needless to say, my summer will be spent reflecting, re-organizing, and creating…not much different from my previous summers!

Finally, do not feel intimidated by the flipped model. There are many videos available that can be used if you are not comfortable with the video-making process. Most importantly, use activities and projects that you already integrate instead of re-inventing the wheel. This cuts down on time you will need to create supplemental assignments.

If you have any additional questions, please email me at ktlorenzo@aplausos.us.