Becoming a Reflective Teacher


As a young teacher starting out, I thought it was normal for teachers to think about ways activities and lessons could be improved. This has to be what they taught in Education courses…right? Having sought the alternate licensing route, I had no idea about what it was to be a reflective teacher and neither did my colleagues with Education degrees.

What began for me as just a means to reach my students, became a very systematic process I gradually went through at the end of each semester, then at the end of each unit, and eventually at the end of each lesson. As I type this blog, so many ideas and changes I want to make for the upcoming school year are already running through my mind!

So what does it mean to be a reflective teacher?

Being a reflective teacher is actually look at data and instructional practices to make the necessary changes. You may think about what went well and what could be improved upon as far as instruction goes. You may ponder what parts caused misunderstandings for the students. You may also need to hone in on why students are misbehaving during a particular lesson.

Happy Reflecting!



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