4th of July Giveaway and Sale

I have teamed up with Tidy Teacher and other fabulous TpT sellers from Georgia. To get ready for the upcoming year, head over to my TpT Store Teacher Learner to purchase my Teacher Binder and my Teacher Lesson Plan Book. Grab one or both of these products before the 2016-2017 update. With just one purchase, the products is updated each year and you will never have to pay more, even when the price increases. These products and my entire store is on sale!

In celebration of Independence Day, Tidy Teacher is hosting a giveaway. Click the link below to entire the giveaway with a chance to win $40 credit.




🎉Don’t forget to ENTER the GIVEAWAY 🎉
for your chance to win INCREDIBLE TpT resources
from the Tidy Teacher Store and these other TOP TpT authors for your classroom!
Happy Shopping!

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