Mrs. Thomas-Lorenzo  is currently in her ninth year of teaching high school Spanish and her eighth year at Union High School. Before teaching high school, she served as a teacher assistant for four years in various preschools. She graduated from the University of South Carolina – Columbia with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Spanish. She has a Master’s in Education (Curriculum and Instruction) from Capella University and is currently in the dissertation phase of her doctoral program for Educational Leadership and Administration. She also has completed 25 hours towards her Master’s in Sport Psychology.
In her spare time, Mrs. Thomas-Lorenzo enjoys reading, designing web pages, baking, decorating cakes, scrapbooking, and salsa dancing.


If you have any questions, email me at kristen@sampson.k12.nc.us.





Note to Visitors (Why I created this site):

My husband observes me working day and night, developing ideas to use in my class. Each time he sees me pouring over the computer, his response is always the same, “You need to write a book.” Well, he should know more than anyone that I just don’t have time to spend writing a book. However, after emails of requesting ideas and templates, I decided I could at least create this blog in the meanwhile. You will find all sorts of ideas and resources. Most are mine and others are not. I will give my spin on ideas that have been around for ages but I break it down how I understand! Download anything you like and fix it to best suit your needs. I only ask that you leave me a few lines to let me know if you find anything useful.

Happy Teaching!