New Site Transfer

Hi all! I am in the process of fixing the issues with my site. Please be patient as I try to upload all of the images and files that were contained in the posts. I hope to have it all resolved over the next few weeks! There will be some dead links until all information has been transferred over to the new serve. Thanks!

Long time, no blog!

Long time, no blog!!! I have been busy working in my new capacity and have not had much time to blog! Teachers return next week so it will be a couple of more weeks before I am active again. I still have several things that need to move from my previous sites and tons of resources that I have to upload. Whew! It does not seem as if there is enough time in the day to get it done but I love the challenge. I will try to update at least once every 2 weeks for now…adding resources (especially to my technology and differentiated instruction pages). I hope you all can be patient while I aim to bring you read to use activities and resources for your classes.

New Job

When I started this site about a month ago, it was to share my adventures in the classroom. With a lot of praying and deliberating, I have been offered and have take a job as a middle school curriculum coach. Although this is my career of choice, I am very nervous and apprehensive about the change. I have been at my current position since June 2004 and have built many relationships with teachers, parents, and students. While it may be difficult to leave it all behind, I could not pass up an opportunity to help teachers in a district that is ready to change. All in all, the direction of the site will change but much of the content will remain the same. Stay tuned for my new journey!

In the news…

Flipping_over_teaching_method0_1363989782I recently presented to the Board of Education about the Flipped Classroom Method. A couple of days after my presentation, someone from the newspaper contacted me about doing an interview. I emailed her my responses to her questions and she came to take pictures of my class. I was so thrilled after reading the article!